The traditional Farmer's market was organized again  27th - 28th of September on Mangs farm in Solberg. This years theme was slow food, country and local history - this year it's been exactly 70 years since the evacuation from Porkkala.

On Saturday morning the local growers showed up and started to unpack their cars. The weather looked promising.

Päivi Partanen from Virkkala sold her products made of alpaca wool.

The animals, which gave their wool to the products, were also there.

Krister Holmbom sold 7 different kinds of potatoes, which he grows in Tähtelä village.

Berndt Gottberg is ready to go out on a guided tour in his mini van. On 28th of September it's been exactly 70 years since the last evacuation day from Porkkala. Many locals were interested and took part in the tour to get to know the area better.