The Degerby Igor Museum tells about the eleven years when the Porkkala area including Degerby was leased to the Soviet Union as a naval base. The village council of Degerby opened the museum in 1997. Today the museum consists of two buildings: the old red outhouse that was restored in 2002 and the yellow house, village office Rosenberg that served as the municipal hall of Degerby until the fall of 1944.

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The museum is open in June, July, August 2019: Tuesdays to Saturdays 11-16, and by agreement.

From September 2019 until December the museum is open Saturdays 12-16, other times by agreement.

Just call us if you wish to visit us, even on Sundays! Please call preferably one day in advance!

Groups booked in advance are prioritized. Groups should always be booked in advance!

Our prices 2019:
During opening hours: 8 € per person, children older than 7 years: 3 €
Groups, minimum 10 persons: 5 € per person plus a guiding fee of 45 €. Groups over 30 persons pay for two guides (45+40=85 €).
Coffee can be arranged if booked in advance. Coffee and a bun 4 € per person.


We are happy to arrange a visit for you! Please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us +358405418526