Kopparnäs was the only mansion in Degerby. From here rural products such as fish and vegetables, especially aspargus, were delivered to Helsinki and other urban districts. There was also a large fruitgarden on the mansion. The beautiful main building was moved from Helsinki in the beginning of the 20th century to Kopparnäs by the owner at the time, Fritz Schröder.

As the Soviet union leased the area of Porkkala all the buildings of the mansion were removed, because Kopparnäs was used as an artillery area and as target area of the military shooting practices. The mansion and the lands were completely destroyed as the owner Berndt Grönblom returned to his old home and his son Sten Grönblom sold the area to the power production company Imatran Voima.

In the 1970's plans were made for the area of Kopparnäs. Six nuclear reactors would be placed here and that would be the biggest nuclear concentration in the world. At the time nuclear was a hot topic in Finnish discussions.

The disposition and building plans were presented at the municipal halls in Inkoo, Siuntio and Kirkkonummi. The local inhabitants took action and established resistance movements. Protest lists were signed and handed to the municipalities. Help was also recieved from an international network of nuclear opponents.

After a heated debate the municipal council voted on the issue on 23rd of May 1975. One vote decided the matter, 10 voted against and 9 voted for the initiative.

Kopparnäs was after this used as an educating and research center with focus on solar energy and wind power. In 2003 the area was bought by the association for open-air recreation areas of Uusimaa, but only after a hard competition with foreign purchaser who wanted to build luxury apartments with a sea view on the area.

Kopparnäs became an open-air recreation area with free entry for everybody - and a wonderful, peaceful place where everyone can enjoy the best of the Finnish nature.

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