The Soviet bunker by the main road 51 in Degerby attract many curious visitors. The bunker of the type ZIF-25 is a cannon bunker for 100 mm cannons.

The Soviet fortifications in Porkkala are unique, similar ones can only be found in the former Eastern bloc, were they were not blasted, as the ones in Porkkala.

The Soviet occupants had tried to hide this bunker, but it was dug out, restored and opened for public in 1998. It is provided with a small balcony and electric lights, so you can go inside the bunker and experience some of the Soviet history on the area. Nearby you can find an information board about the Halvdels-area during the lease period. Over 2000 people lived in Halvdels.


You can find the bunker on the address: Inkoon Rannikkotie 551, 10160 Inkoo