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Ten years ago Maira Lindeberg followed her intuition and bought an old, red house in Degerby. This is the place that later was turned into a Tibetan retreat.

Maira has always been interested in religion and philosophy, but on her trip to India she really came in contact with the Tibetan tradition that was going to be a big part of her life. Maira was fascinated by the yogic tradition and started to study the Tibetan tradition. She came in contact with Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, who is now lama of the retreat in Degerby.

- I had such a strong meditative experience as I saw his picture for the first time. I just sat there, looking at the picture for ten minutes.

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Tor-Björn Karlsson lives on Grefvas farm with his family. On the farm there are many different buildings, and some of them serve as storage rooms that Tor-Björn lease for different periods of time.

- I continued the business that my father started.
The sizes of the storage rooms vary from 3 to 20 m2.

People need storage room for all kinds of things, such as skis or fishing and boat equipment.

- During the winter people need a place to put the things they use in summer and in summer they need a place to put things they use in winter, Tor-Björn says.

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On the beautiful farm of Grefvas I meet Karl-Göran Karlsson, who has two cottages for rent, one for year-round use and the other a summer cottage.
- I lived in this cottage with my wife when I returned to Degerby after the lease period, Karl-Göran says. (See picture)
Some of the guests are construction workers that need a temporary residence.
- This year we have had a lot of bicycle tourists, they like it that you can rent the cottage even only for one night.
Guests from Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, France, Australia and other countries have staid at the Grefvas cottage.
- They've all liked it a lot.

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The strawberry season in here! In Degerby we have  local cultivators who sell strawberries, you can either pick them yourself or buy them in boxes or cases.

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