Tor-Björn Karlsson lives on Grefvas farm with his family. On the farm there are many different buildings, and some of them serve as storage rooms that Tor-Björn lease for different periods of time.

- I continued the business that my father started.
The sizes of the storage rooms vary from 3 to 20 m2.

People need storage room for all kinds of things, such as skis or fishing and boat equipment.

- During the winter people need a place to put the things they use in summer and in summer they need a place to put things they use in winter, Tor-Björn says.


There are also different life situations when people need storage room for their belongings, e.g. when a family lives abroad for a while or when their house is being built or restored.

- Grefvas farm has a good location, only 45 km from Helsinki to the west, and right next to the main road 51. And the prices are lower than in Helsinki.

The storage rooms are clean, dry and warm, which is highly appreciated by the customers.

- And furthermore we live right next to the buildings, so they are always watched over, Tor-Björn points out.


Tor-Björn Karlsson

Halvdelsintie 30, 10160 Degerby


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