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The day of the Open Villages was in June 2020 celebrated with seven brand new exhibitions! Here Sonja Bäckman is presenting the exhibition about Sergeant Toivo Wasström from Degerby, he took part in the battles at four different fronts as a squad leader in the Continuation War. Other exhibition themes are found under the topic "Museum".

The Degerby Igor museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays until the end of August.

The Day of the Open Villages was celebrated in Degerby on 11th of June.

Both guided groups and the locals were seen in the museum and at the village office.

Head of the local government Jarl Boström inaugurated the villages brand new flagpole and the museums new exhibition about the Cold War.

Finnish flag has been raised.



On the spot head of the local government Jarl Boström,locals Runa Kraemer and Caj Degerholm with the Museums guide Berndt Gottberg.

rsz palju

The younger population enjoyed the portable sauna and bathing tub from Degerö.



Guiding in progress on the Museums yard.

On Sunday 25th of October an organ concert was held in the church of Degerby to celebrate the 50-year-old organ. Anders and Ann-Sofi Storbacka made a great program for the evening. The picture is from an organ course that Anders held a few years ago at the village office.