The Night of Bonfires was again this year arranged by the village council in collaboration with petpark Lomamäen lemmikkipuisto. Over 100 visitor's showed up! The visitor's were invited to meet the pets of the park and get to know them. The entertainment had a special theme this year, as 70 years have passed since the evacuation of Degerby, due to the lease of the Porkkala area. The music was inspired by the memories of the evacuation, and the secretary of the village concil gave a presentation on the old inhabitants of Torbacka (where the petpark is situated), who used to live in this village before the lease period.

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The village event the "Degerby Day" was a nice occasion as usual.

The waffles of the Degerby Martha associasion were very popular also this year.

People enjoyed the warm weather and catching up with friends.

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Did you know that the village council hired a new village assistant? He started working with us on th 15th of July. 

His name is Jouko Kautto, he lives in Degerby and will be there to help all those village inhabitants, who need help with their daily tasks. We charge 10 €/hour for his work.

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The village center was full of people when the annual Pork Party was held on Saturday 5th of July for the ninth time. Many people showed up to enjoy good food, drinks and live music.