On 9th of April a group visited the Degerby Igor-museum that had travelled 400 kilometers. They came from Ilmajoki in Ostrobothnia, and they were very interesed in the unique history of the Porkkala area.

Many of them knew a lot about the history of our country in general, but they also pointed out that the history of this specific area was new to them. They had not really understood what exactly had been going on on the Soviet military base of Porkkala behind closed borders 70 years ago. The group continued along the old King's road towards the most southern city of Finland, Hanko.

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The big Travel Fair was organized in Helsinki 15-18.1.2015 and Degerby was also represented. Porkkala Travel, who sells trips to Porkkala and Degerby, handed out maps of the area and guided people who wanted to know more.

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During the autumn the museum shop by the Degerby Igor Museum was renewed. A new floor was laid and the shop got a new look. On Saturday 29th of November the shop was opened again as we celebrated that the Christmas time is coming.

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In October the village council organized two planning meetings. The topic of the first meeting was the development of the village tourism in Degerby and the second meeting was about the future of the village and what we want from Degerby in the future.

On the first meeting that was held on the 22nd of October everyone agreed on the fact that Degerby has all the qualifications to be a popular sight for tourists: we have the perfect position by the mainroad 51 between Helsinki and Turku, we have a clear historical theme (the lease period of Porkkala), we have a lot to offer in the church village, where you can find small shops, a museum, some cafés, a restaurant and furthermore Degerby is a wonderful, idyllic old-time village with beautiful nature, large forests and cultivated fields and the picturesque recreation area Kopparnäs with its breathtaking views to the sea.

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